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                   One of the dutch electronic new wave projects of the 80’s. Their new album: ‘You Steal My Heart’

Spectral Display

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                         Spectral Display blends electronic pop music, lyrical wit and hook-heavy pop nuggets.

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You steal my heart
It takes a muscle_Remix 2019
You Steal My Heart
Cover Me
All You Ever Give
What it is about you
Baby Get It On
You Give Me Wings
It takes a muscle_Reggae version 2019

Spectral Display

Spectral Display has been popular among lovers of electronic popmusic to the public ever since their hit single ‘It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love’.

Michel Mulders

Composer, Vocals, Producer

Henri Overduin

Lyrics, Vocals

Adriana Romijn

Vocals, Backing Vocals
  • Wow, I never heard 'It Takes A Muscle' before seeing Simon Killer. Damn good song and vocals.
    Fox Husky
  • 'It Takes A Muscle', absolutely, a beautiful vocal. I also love their song You Don't Know.
  • 'It Takes A Muscle', a moody, haunting piece of dutch synth music, with an achingly beautiful vocal.
  • M.I.A. brought me here. I love what Diplo did with this song, but the genius comes from Spectral Display.
    Asselus Primus
  • 'It Takes A Muscle', this song is f***ing beautiful, one of my favourite songs ever.
  • 'Spectral Display', mesmerising synth music, with a touch of melancholy. Hypnotizingly good.
    Patrick Florentinus Ribeiro

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Australian musician Kirin J Callinan released a covers album, Return to Center, and shared a new track from it, “It Takes a Muscle (To Fall In Love),” a song by Spectral Display


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