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Spectral Display

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                         Spectral Display blends electronic pop music, lyrical wit and hook-heavy pop nuggets.

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You steal my heart
All You Ever Give
Give it all you got
Into The Danger Zone
You Give Me Wings

Spectral Display

Spectral Display has been popular among lovers of electronic popmusic to the public ever since their hit single ‘It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love’.

Michel Mulders

Composer, Producer

Henri Overduin

Lyrics, Vocals

Joan D

Vocals & Backing Vocals
  • Wow, I never heard 'It Takes A Muscle' before seeing Simon Killer. Damn good song and vocals.
    Fox Husky
  • 'It Takes A Muscle', absolutely, a beautiful vocal. I also love their song You Don't Know.
  • 'It Takes A Muscle', a moody, haunting piece of dutch synth music, with an achingly beautiful vocal.
  • M.I.A. brought me here. I love what Diplo did with this song, but the genius comes from Spectral Display.
    Asselus Primus
  • 'It Takes A Muscle', this song is f***ing beautiful, one of my favourite songs ever.
  • 'Spectral Display', mesmerising synth music, with a touch of melancholy. Hypnotizingly good.
    Patrick Florentinus Ribeiro

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