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Running For Your Love

Studio Session for  ‘Runnin’ For Your Love’ 22-05-20.

You Steal My Heart - Niet zonder Jou

Teaser 1 – ‘Niet Zonder Jou’ 16-03-20.
Teaser 2 – ‘Niet Zonder Jou’ 16-03-20.
Teaser 1 – ‘You Steal My Heart’ 16-03-20.
Teaser 2 – ‘You Steal My Heart’ 16-03-20.
Teaser Studio ‘You Steal My Heart’ 29-03-20.
Teaser 3 – ‘You Steal My Heart’ – ‘Niet Zonder Jou’ 16-03-20.
Teaser ‘Niet Zonder Jou’ Vlieland 1
Teaser ‘Niet Zonder Jou’ Vlieland 2

It Takes A Muscle (Reggae)

Mastering of ‘It Takes A Muscle (Reggae Version)‘ 01-08-2019 at Q-Point.

Baby Get It On

RTL 4  ‘4ME‘ with Cynthia Abma & Geert Hoes.

Baby Get It On

Clip Rehearsal ‘Baby Get It On’.