Album Review – ‘You Steal My Heart’

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‘Spectral Display blends electronic pop music,

lyrical wit and hook-heavy pop nuggets’.


Album review ‘You Steal My Heart’ by independent music journalist Claire King.
The third album of Spectral Display ‘You Steal My Heart’ is an intriguing collection of synth music, sometimes overwhelming and mesmerizing, sometimes of a direct simplicity, with often a touch of melancholy.
Like the remix of 01 ‘It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love’, a moody, and hypnotizing song and 04 ‘Cover Me’, a haunting ‘cinematic’ song with an achingly beautiful vocal sung by Harry B & Henri Overduin.
02 ‘You Steal My Heart’,  the title track of the album, is a devastating love song performed by Dutch newcomer and namesake Paul Simon.
03 ‘Freedom’, a night on the town turns into an unexpected quest for inner liberation. A gospel shuffle with a spectacular choir performance of the ‘Angelic Choir’
05 ‘All You Ever Give’, based on Buddhist wisdom accompanied by  hypnotic guitars and voices.
06 ‘What It Is About You’, inspired on a poem by e e cummings.’ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses’. A poetic song about the mystery of love.
07 ‘Give It All You Got’, an energetic call for commitment, a passionate cry for love, with a funky spunky rhythm.
08 ‘Into The Danger Zone’, originally written for a documentary by Dan Brinkhuis [Sience Media] and Marc Cornelissen about climate change. Dedicated to two Dutch north pole explorers, Marc Cornelissen and Philip de Roo, who tragically lost their lives during an expedition to gather data about snow and ice thickness for York University, Ontario.
09 ‘It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love’ Reggae Version, a blend of the original vocal with a new reggae interpretation by singer Henri Overduin.
10 ‘You Give Me Wings’, a virtuosic interwoven tapestry of sound and vocal parts by Paul Simon, Bryan B, A3ana & Joan D.
11 ‘Song To The Siren’, written by Tim Buckley based on the ancient Greek myth of sea nymphs luring sailors on to rocks by their singing. An illustrative arrangement of flutes and voices which reminds sometimes of the soundtrack ‘Titanic’.
12 ‘Chained Melody’, an atmospheric and wistful instrumental tune underlined by coloratura soprano Marianne Blok.
13 ‘Baby Get It On’, A tongue-in-cheek song with a relentless rhythm, dynamic vocals, and a  straight out invitation to take a budding dancefloor romance to the next level ends this colorful album.