Michel Mulders


Michel Mulders
Composer, keyboard artist & producer Michel Mulders, founded Spectral Display in the eighties. He was signed a two-album record contract with EMI Holland, to work with various lead singers and musicians.
He found a succesful collaborator in Henri Overduin, who wrote most of the lyrics and also sang the vocals on their first hit single  ‘It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love’.
‘It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love’ was released in 13 countries. First in Holland and Italy, followed by France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Belgium, Australia, New-Sealand, Japan…..
‘It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love’ was covered by several international singers amoung M.I.A., who released the track as her second single from the album MAYA. It was produced by DIPLO.
With the use of ‘It Takes A Muscle’ in various international films, the song has been picked up and its popularity has risen. On Spotify & YouTube it reached over 2,5 million streams.
Many requests to reunite and write new material triggered Michel Mulders and Henri Overduin to get back together to write a new ablum ‘You Steal My Heart’ of which the name is the equivalent of the first single to be released. The vocals on the new album are reinforced by dutch singer Paul SimonA3ana, Maxine & Mandy Huydts.
Guest vocals Bryan B & Marianne Blok. Guitarists Bert MeulendijkLex Bolderdijk & Arie Storm. Bass guitarist Michel van Schie.
Much more likely to appeal to open-minded electronic fans and those with eclectic tastes than to strictly pop fans, the impressive collection offers original tunes, including the atmospheric and wistful ‘Chained Melody’ and virtuosic ‘You Give Me Wings’.