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'Prins' wins 2 Gold Awards


Best Editing: Mieneke Kramer
Beste Music: Palmbomen

Featuring:  It takes a Muscle to fall in love by Spectral Display
 [Michel Mulders/Henri Overduin]


BY SAM DE JONG - Premiere at the Berlinale
“Sam de Jong has a remarkable talent and is an extremely promising director and film-maker,” said Sjoerd Raaijmakers of VICE Media Benelux. De Jong, who has previously directed documentaries, music videos and commercials added: “Last year we could only dream of premiering at the Berlinale and now we’re opening the Generation 14+ competition, so you can only imagine how excited we are.


Song to the Siren

Vocals: Paul Leonard Simon
Arrangements & production Michel Mulders.

New Track, now available on iTunes !

Click to download from iTunes: pp

Simon Killer / France, U.S.A.  2012

'Best Music of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival'

Song: "It Takes a Muscle to Fall in Love" by Spectral Display
Film: "Simon Killer"
This 1982 track (later reinterpreted by M.I.A.) serves as a theme song of sorts for the titular deranged protagonist, Simon (Brady Corbet). Don't let the laid-back nature of the track fool you; Simon's not an easy-going guy

Simon Killer / France, U.S.A. 2012 [Director and screenwriter: Antonio Campos] - A recent college graduate goes to Paris after breaking up with his girlfriend of 5 years. Onve there, he falls in love with a young prostitue and their fateful journey begins. Cast Brady Corbet, Mati Diop, Constance Rousseau, Michael Abiteboul.

The original version of 'It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love' is used in the  movie Simon  Killer, during it's impressive  opening,  shot in Paris, leading to the introduction of the main character, Brady Corbet.

M.I.A. performes live 'It Takes a Muscle' BBC2
           On november 3, 2010, M.I.A. performed her cover of Spectral Display's 'It Takes a Muscle' along with members of ska greats 'The Specials', in UK's music program                'Later With Jools Holland', BBC2

It Takes A Muscle  2010

 Click to download from iTunes: ll

Covered by superstar M.I.A. , nominated for an Academy Award, a Grammy Award and a BRIT award and winner of two ASCAP PRS Awards and a BET Award, has covered this 80's hit by Spectral Display. The song is on her album MAYA, wich was released on July 13, 2010. The album MAYA, has reached number one on the US Dance charts, and has climbed to number 9 in the US Album Top 200.




M.I.A. has just added ‘It Takes A Muscle' to her set list. She has been performing a REMIX of ‘It Takes A Muscle' in The Barton Hall in New York on the 3rd of October.

M.I.A. will be performing the 25th of November in Paradiso Amsterdam & 26th of November STRP Festival, one of the largest art and technology (e-culture) festival in Europe which melts music, art and technology [Eindhoven].

Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, (born 17 July 1977 in Hounslow, London, U.K.) is a British artist of Sri Lankan descent. As a baby she moved with her family to their native Sri Lanka, where her father became increasingly politically active in militant activities. As the Civil War escalated the rest of the family was forced to flee as refugees, first to India and then the UK. “M.I.A.” [“Missing In Action”] references both her London neighborhood (Acton) and her politically tumultuous youth.

Her style contains elements of hip-hop, reggae, alternative, dance hall, electro and baile funk and is strongly inspired by her Sri Lankan background.


"‘It Takes A Muscle' Maya's answer to 'Paper Planes', this sunny reggae number is pretty much impossible to dislike - the immediacy of its lyrics, maggot -melody and squelchy instrumentation remind us of nothing so much as severly unerrated Vampire Weekend side-project Discovery".

"‘It Takes A Muscle’. This one’s a total departure, sounding like reggae if it was recorded in space. The most skewed pop song you’ll have heard this year, if not ever. And yet, it sounds completely appropriate".

"'It Takes A Muscle' is a sweet little dub raggae number about finding love. It's a welcomed stretch for M.I.A. to go soft and the track benefits from the departure".

"One of album’s best tracks 'It Takes A Muscle', (produced by Diplo, a cover of Spectral Display’s single of the same name), has Arulpragasam singing “It takes a muscle to fall in love,” over soft pop reggae. Any pop star of the last 30 years could have written and sung that line (and, you know, someone did). But when it comes out of M.I.A’s mouth, suddenly it sounds surprising. We get only glimpses of M.I.A. the unapologetic pop star, and they’re more convincing than anyone would have expected five years ago".

It takes A Muscle re-edited in a soul pop way:

"Frenchmen Rove Dogs and Jeff Lasson, are back together as Get A Room with a re-rub of a 80's Dutch gem (sung in English), out on their lovely Small Time Cuts label. They've got the inimitable Trevor Jackson on sexy sleeve design duty and once again a very limited 500 copies will be available .This isn't going to hang around the shops for long as it's a great Cosmo Balearo Pop crate find and a great edit. If your a collector and/or a left field DJ, I reckon you'll want this, it's already gotten some good responses from Andrew Lovefingers, Damon Martin at Disco Bloodbath and James Murphy... check it!"

Listen: It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love - Get A Room

"Classic synth pop from Dutch Spectral Display, is here re-edited in a soul pop way by the Parisian duo GET A ROOM!

This vibrante re-edit should give the smile to most of the dancefloors an this is exactly waht happened at Le Baron last week when James Murphy played it at 5h30 in the morning as a first 'encooore' song, once they cut the music. After being under the mental techno not so adapted to this club - inflected by Gary Russom and his buddies, within 5 measures the whole Baron has bounced, danced, smiled and clapped it hands, James seemed happy, so we were. Icing on the sleeve, the label design has brilliantly been taken over by Trevor Jackson".

More news:

Finally, after writing for other artists, Spectral Display re-grouped to create some exciting new tracks! And here are the first in a series of new songs:



Cover Me Up

Vocals: Henri Overduin -

Music, Arrangements & production Michel Mulders.


It Takes A Muscle

Soon a new Edit/Remix will be released!


Keep checking the website for updates!