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Michel Mulders - Composer, Keyboards, Arranger, Producer

Henri Overduin - Vocals, Lyrics, Music

Vocals & Background Vocals: Henri Overduin Arianne Kraak, Nanette Curie, Mildred Douglas, Lisa Boray

Guitars: Ferdinand Bakker

Drums, Percussion: Kim Haworth

Piano - Theo Lampe

Violin: Lodewijk de Boer

Bass Guitar: Dick Schulte Nordholt

Featuring - Philomeen van Agthoven, Warren Bradshaw

Recording Technicians: Jan Vrijaldenhoven, Michael Beekman

Mastering: Jacques Delamarre

All compositions, arrangements, production & recording by Michel Mulders


Recorded at the private studio of Michel Mulders and EMI STUDIOS

Equipment used: (Synthesizer) Oberheim OB-X, Oberheim OB-Xa, MiniMoog III, Arp Odyssey, Prophet X & Prophet V, Yamaha DX7II, Korg Polysix, (Rhythm) Roland TR 808, Roland CR 78, Linndrum, Simmons Drums, Oberheim DMX, Sequencer: Roland CSQ 600, CSQ 100, Oberheim DSX, (Vocoders) Synton Vocoder 221, Vocoder 222 (Accessory) Sony PCM DRE 2000, EMT Goldfoil Plate Reverb, Dynacord DRS 78 Digital Reverb, Roland Chorus Echo RE-555, MXR Flanger, Mutron Phaser, Eventide Harmonizer H949 Eventide Harmonizer H910, Fender Rhodes Piano MarkIII, Acoustic Piano


Nanette Curie - Arianna Kraak


"The vinyl single 'It Takes A Muscle' of Spectral Display has been in my record collection for over 25 years. Now it is finally available on iTunes and it has been digitally re-mastered.

The single is a breathtakingly beautiful ballad. The serene, minimalitic synthesizer arangement; the easy -going melody and the voide of henri Overduin make this track one of my favourige songs of the Eiighties.

The track reminds me of Only You by Yazoo, while the finale's screaming synthesizer solo reminds me of Vangelis. A small gem!"


Nanette Curie - Arianna Kraak







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